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Young One Studio is a team of award winning filmmakers,

writers, editors, composers and directors. From concept to completion, we provide a professional and affordable solution to creating your stunning demo reel.

Script Writing

We can provide you with the script you need to show off your talent. From horror to comedy, drama to tragedy, we work with your type, look and goals to craft the perfect scene.


We use only the best, most up to date cameras, lighting and on-set techniques to achieve a professional reel in a fast and efficient way. We want the result to be as good as your performance.

HQ Delivery


We film in Hollywood standard RAW at a resolution of 4.6K and above, to make sure your product looks and feels like it belongs on today's most popular streaming platforms.



As actors ourselves we understand how important good direction and good directors are. We work with our talent, their ideas, their emotion and their natural ability to craft a perfect performance.

Editing & Colour


While editing and color often go unnoticed by the audience, they are some of the most important aspects of a great production. We thoughtfully craft the narrative and color, to make your scene shine.

Sound Design


The right sound equipment, mix and audio production is what separates a good demo reel from a great demo reel. We pride ourselves on the quality and consistency of our audio in everything we film.

Every actor involved receives the final edit at no additional fee. RAW footage available on request for an additional fee

All inclusive:

1 60-90 second scene



Sound person

Script (if needed)




Color grading

Sound design

4k DCI cinematic Delivery

 just learn your lines and we'll do the rest

We also offer longer extended demo reel scenes up to 180 seconds and under