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Maty Young

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Welcome to YoungOneStudio, a vibrant reflection of my journey and commitment in the world of performing arts. Originating from Perth, Western Australia, I embarked on my path at the esteemed West Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA), driven by a passion for acting and music. Over the past two decades, I have made my mark on stages across Australia and internationally, both as an actor and a director, collaborating with peers from prestigious institutions like the National Institute of Dramatic Arts and the Victorian College of the Arts.

In 2015, I launched YoungOneStudio in Melbourne, where I developed my skills as an actor and garnered acclaim as a theatre director. In 2018, I took a pivotal step by moving to Los Angeles to delve into film and digital media. Recognizing the need for today's modern creators and actors to be multifaceted, I dedicated myself to mastering cinematography. This skill has been crucial in enhancing my directorial communication and extracting compelling performances from my actors. My focused approach in these areas has led to directing and filming award-winning projects, from feature films and commercials to music videos, earning recognition on platforms like HBO MAX and NETFLIX.

My efforts in cinematography and directing have been internationally recognized, receiving awards at prestigious film festivals such as the Festival de Cannes, the Berlin Film Festival, and the New York Film Festival. Now based in North Hollywood, with over 100 scenes written, filmed, directed and having worked with literally hundreds of La-based actors, I continue to steer YoungOneStudio, advocating that contemporary artists should excel not only in acting but also in cinematography and directing. This integration of skills empowers them to shape the narrative profoundly.


Join me on this journey of continual learning and artistic exploration — welcome to the heart of my evolving cinematic world.


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My journey began in Perth, Australia, where I discovered my passion for the arts at a young age. I pursued Fine Arts at Curtin University and the State University of New York, earning dual degrees in Acting and Film. My performances have graced renowned Australian theatres, including Melbourne Theatre Company and La Mama.


In 2015, I ventured into directing with captivating short films and music videos, later relocating to Los Angeles to further explore writing, directing, and acting.


Notable projects include my directorial debut, "Over My Dead Body," which premiered at Outfest LA, and the thriller western "Savage Dawn," which I co-directed with Jessica Rookeward. As an actress, I've appeared in Amazon's "With Love," ABC's "Please Like Me," and award-winning short films like "The Out-Fit."


Additionally, I've contributed to gaming and virtual reality projects for major developers like Capcom and Blizzard, showcasing my versatility as an actor, stunt performer, and motion capture artist. Tam has worked at the studio in LA since 2018 as a director and sound operator.

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Zachary Dripps is a filmmaker based in Los Angeles with a demonstrated passion for film production. He has worked for top industry companies such as Disney, Netflix, and Riot Games.


He was born and raised in Boulder, CO, and received his undergraduate BFA in film production from the University of Colorado. It was at CU that he took classes taught by professor and director Alex Cox (Sid and Nancy, Repo Man) and created his student film, Bentley. He then went to Boston University for graduate school, where he received his MFA in cinematography.


At BU, he was taught by professor and Steadicam operator Joel San Juan (Don't Look Up, Whitney Houston: I Wanna Dance With Somebody). After college in Boston, he moved to Los Angeles, where he became executive assistant to the writer-director Jerry Zucker (Airplane, Ghost) before branching off into freelance film production.


His hobbies include competitive ocean swimming, playing piano, and taking photos on his Pentax 67 medium format film camera while exploring the world.

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Maty Young at Young One Studio interview
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Maty Young at Young One Studio interview
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Maty Young at Young One Studio interview
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Maty Young at Young One Studio interview
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Maty Young at Young One Studio interview
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