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Maty's journey began in Perth, Western Australia, where he grew up and cultivated his passions. From a tender age, he embraced the realms of acting and music, a journey that eventually led him to the renowned West Australian Academy of Performing Arts. This prestigious institution, whose alumni encompass luminaries like Hugh Jackman, Frances O'Connor, and Tim Minchin, deepened his ardour for the stage and performance.

Over the past two decades, Maty's artistic odyssey has seen him grace the stages of Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, and national and international theatres. He has not only collaborated with, directed, and written for students and graduates of Australia's leading acting conservatories – NIDA, WAAPA, and VCA – but has also embarked on a remarkable journey as a filmmaker and director.

In 2015, Maty founded YoungOneStudio in Melbourne, a venture that later found its way to Los Angeles in 2018. Maty's directorial prowess has flourished, resulting in award-winning films, music videos, and commercials, often featuring some of Hollywood's brightest rising stars. Additionally, he has lent his cinematographic expertise to two SAG-AFTRA feature films. 'Single Mother By Choice' is presently being broadcast on (HBO) MAX and was showcased at the prestigious 2022 Festival de Cannes. The second film is scheduled for release in the year 2024.

Maty's accolades in directing and cinematography have spanned continents, with his films being showcased at illustrious events like the Festival de Cannes, the Paris Cinema Awards, the Micheaux Film Festival, the San Francisco Film Festival, the Berlin Film Festival, New York Movie Awards, New York Film Festival, and Outfest LA – a mere glimpse of his impressive portfolio. Furthermore, Maty's laurels extend to his acting prowess, solidifying his status as an awarded Australian actor.

Presently, Maty continues to own and operate Young One Studio, nestled in the creative enclave of North Hollywood. Notably, he continues to win awards for his short films, music videos and online commercials and eagerly anticipates sharing his forthcoming cinematic endeavours in the upcoming 2024 feature release.

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Tamiah's artistic journey ignited upon the theatrical stages of her hometown, Perth, Western Australia, when she was just 12 years old. Her pursuit led her to delve into Fine Arts, a discipline she honed at both Curtin University and the State University of New York. There, she cultivated dual degrees in Acting and Film, laying the foundation for her multifaceted talents.

Her performances have graced some of Australia's most revered theatres, including the iconic Melbourne Theatre Company, La Mama, the vibrant Powerhouse Brisbane, and the distinguished Regal Theatre in Perth.

In 2015, Tamiah began working on a plethora of captivating short films, music videos, and demo scenes. Upon relocating to Los Angeles in 2018, she began to carve her path as a writer, director, and actress.


Her inaugural short film, "WAR," showcased her triple role, marking the commencement of her directorial journey. Notably, her directorial debut, "Over My Dead Body," premiered at Outfest LA.

Most recently, she worked as a director on the thriller western short film "Savage Dawn," a project she directed alongside the acclaimed actor Jessica Rookeward.

Tamiah's presence as an actress has graced Amazon's "With Love," ABC's "Please Like Me," and the celebrated short film "The Out-Fit", directed by Young One Studio owner Maty Young, which clinched multiple awards across the globe.


Tamiah's artistry extends into the realm of motion and performance capture, enriching the worlds of gaming and virtual reality. Her dexterity has contributed to titles by notable game developers including Capcom, Blizzard, Activision, Hi Rez Studios, and 2k Games.

Moreover, her versatility as an actor, stunt woman, and creature performer is evident. An immersive experience produced by TIME Magazine, "The March," saw Tamiah portraying multiple characters, further attesting to her creative prowess.

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Director | Actor | Writer



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Maty Young interview


Maty Young interview


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