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Your Scene Breakdown

Our rates are tiered. The more scenes you book the more you save. 

(Pricing below)

Every package includes:

  • Director

  • Cinematographer

  • Sound person

  • Complete lighting and sound package

  • Scripts

  • Talent / scene partners

  • Editing and delivery

HMU (Hair and Makeup) is not included in our packages. Please come HMU ready, provide your own HMU artist for the shoot or contact us and we can organize one for you for an extra fee.



  • SCRIPT: Lets find a script. If you have a scene in mind, a script in hand or even just an idea of what you want, we've got you covered. If you already have a script, excellent, we can work with you to achieve your best performance. If you don't have a script, don't worry, we've got you covered. 90% of the scenes you see in our portfolio were written in house here at the studio. Just tell us what genre you are looking for, show us your type and we'll get to writing. PLEASE: Limit your script to 1 and a 1/2 pages in Final Draft standard 12point font. Anything larger than this will incur an extra fee at our discretion.

  • SCENE PARTNER: Find a scene partner. 100 demo reel scenes later and we have found that, generally, talent like to find their own scene partners. This typically includes scene partners from acting classes or actors you've worked with before. However, if you don't have anyone ready to work a scene we have a large and diverse library of professional actors on our books ready to play. 

  • LOCATION: Find and lock in a location. Just like scene partners, we have found talent generally like to source their own locations. This allows you the freedom and flexibility to imagine and create your ideas with a location in mind. We highly recommend for all of LA's filming locations covering every single budget! We also highly recommend using locations you have free access to ie a house, an apartment, your work place etc. This allows you to save money and time both on and off set. If you don't have time to source a location don't worry, we can do the searching for you free of charge. We'll find our favorite spaces and send you a list to choose from that suit your budget and the look you're going for. We are also always open and willing to guerrilla style film in locations that don't break any permit laws.

  • PRINCIPAL PHOTOGRAPHY: On the day please know your script inside out. As actors ourselves we respect the rehearsal process, and on the day is not the time to rehearse. In saying that, we always want you the talent and your scene partner/s to play and find ideas, explore and have fun. But please have your lines in a place ready to explore, not ready to memorize. Simply show up, know your lines inside out and be ready to work. We treat all our talent and sets as we would any professional set, we want to create the best product for you and want you at your absolute best. We can film a maximum of 2 scenes a day if location and time permits.

  • POST PRODUCTION: Editing, color grading, dialogue enhancement and scoring provided. We have a state of the art post production studio that allows us to turn around your project fast but without cutting any corners. With 10bit grading monitors, world class audio plugins and access to an enormous fully licensed cinematic library we can polish and refine your scene with the utmost care in a very timely manner.

  • DELIVERY: We'll have your scene finished and delivered to you within 2 weeks of the finished filming date! Plain and simple. Yes our cameras can capture your performance in cinematic 12k RAW but we know sending you a finished product in 12k is just unreasonable. These files would be far too large, and who has a 12K screen to watch that anyway? We deliver your scene in 4k and 2k. This not only creates a smaller file size but allows for easy upload and looks great on todays modern screens. An added bonus of this smaller resolution delivery is that this actually increases the quality of the image one final time! So that cinematic image we captured on set, and have been working on in post, gets one final "cinematic" bump right before we send it to you.

  • EDITS: Yes we do allow edits on all our scenes. However we are hoping that as you chose Young One Studio to create your scenes, you trust us and already like our style! However we entirely understand that style and tone is subjective so we allow one free round of notes on all our scenes. If you receive your edit and there's a few things in there you can clearly see you want changing, let us know and within 1 week we'll have those edits to you. 



  • FREE CONSULTATION: Email, zoom, text or call us to discuss your scene. We’ll talk about your script, what you want from the scene, schedule the shoot date and lock in all the necessary details. Upon contacting us please send us your most recent headshots. (if you require headshot services we can take care of that. Please visit our Headshots tab above)

  • SCENES: Once you have chosen or we have written your scene, and you have approved it, it's time for you to work the script!

  • LOCATION SCOUTING: Once we have agreed on a date and time that works for everyone, book that space (or we can book it for you) and we'll be there right on time ready to work. Please send us all contact details of the space you have booked

  • CASTING: Once you have found your scene partner, send us all their contact details and a headshot. If we are providing your scene partner, and you have approved our selection, we will send you all their contact details. Please, if you can, extensively rehearse the scene with your scene partner prior to the day. 

  • PRODUCTION: We’ll be onset before you need to be! However, you are required 15 minutes before the scheduled shoot time. You’ll be met on set by our Director, Cinematographer and Sound Recordist who will make you feel comfortable and remain present to give your best. Typically we take around 3hrs to film 1 scene. 

  • EDITING & POST: We've got you covered. Your job is done, just sit back and give us time to work our magic. Remember you get one free round of notes at no extra charge!  

  • DELIVERY: We will send your finished 4k and 2k edit via WeTransfer as well as a separate download link directly to your email. 


All our prices remain the same no matter how many actors are involved. We always recommend sharing costs with scene partners. Every actor in the scene receives the final edit at no additional fee. 

(50% non-refundable deposit due on booking) 

1 scene $699         2 scenes $1199

3 scenes $1599      4 scenes $1899

Prices do not include location hire

Check out our goto website for locations at



To take advantage of tiered discounts all scenes purchased in a package must be filmed within a 14 day time period



Send us a message below or email us at

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