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These lessons will introduce you to a contemporary world of modern piano styles and techniques. You will learn a feel and tone that is heavily grounded in the contemporary genres of funk and blues, soul, rnb and even fusion jazz. It's music thats energetic, fun and above all, designed to be performed

We teach the Berklee system

  • The fundamentals of music so you learn and grow with a universal language

  • Practical aural and performance techniques

  • Extended chord theory and modern scale tone harmony

  • Modal scale theory

  • Fast and effective ways to read both conventional music and lead sheets

  • Fast and effective improvisation techniques and training

  • How to play competently with other musicians in a band or just for a jam

Each lesson is specifically designed for you, to work with how you hear and understand music. These classes are intended to make sure you are never bored, confused or overloaded with exercises and drills. Whether for fun or just a hobby, fore those wanting to be able to jam competently, or career musicians wanting to learn how to compose and perform, these lessons are designed to be exactly what you're after

$40 Per hour